Release Notes - IAM - Version AAoD 12C & 2017A

The following items were fixed or improved.

In some cases you might not see the impact of the various fixes, performance improvements and enhancements unless you clear your browsing history. Please clear your cache if you are not seeing an expected improvement.



  • Auth Policy - Standard license unable to edit old Auth Policy.
  • SSO Manager Workflow Request - Non default org Admin - Create Application works but does not close modal or redirect to app edit page.
  • SSO Manager - Apps not loading default image.
  • Billing -  Managed Account message icon overlaps on device and small screen.
  • Browse Response - IE - Rendering is extremely inconsistent - User screen= Spinning -Zoom out sometimes works.
  • Password Policy -  Admin reset allows for user to enter old password but this fails with no error messaging.
  • Password Reset/Expire - Enter same password error on reset does not clear, effects other modals.
  • Organizations Able to force https:// into domain with PUT
  • Password Policy Expired - Set to same password fails but no error messaging for user.
  • License Management - Select All delete of users frees up admins seat without deleting admin.
  • Billing - Totals returning 0 and payment not processing
  • Password Policy - Minimum password length validation
  • Tenant License - Deletion of an Org Unit from DirSync does not re-allocate seat.
  • Authenticator Update MFA profile to state the Desktop Authenticator now supports Win 8 and Win 10.
  • Authenticator - Newly added application does not show until refresh.
  • Authenticator - 3rd party applications show text overlap on application list.
  • SSO Manager - Provisioned Apps Install - Tile is not removed from"Provisioned Apps" panel once user sets up username and password.
  • SSO Manager - Provisioned Apps – missing whitespace.
  • Policy Management - Enhanced Policy Upgrade - legacy policy values are not being honored when upgraded.
  • Policy Management - Legacy Policy Upgrade - Other Networks - block IP fails



  • Authenticator - Improvements to the Windows 10 desktop authenticator.


  • SSO Catalog - Added BambooHR and GoToMeeting.

New Features

  • Launchpad - Users now see new apps available to be set up in their Launchpad.



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