Release Notes - IAM - Version AAoD 2017C

The following items were fixed or improved.

In some cases you might not see the impact of the various fixes, performance improvements and enhancements unless you clear your browsing history. Please clear your cache if you are not seeing an expected improvement.



Directory Manager - Fixed an issue that caused Dir Sync Authorization Prompt to show as Blank with Server 2012 Standard.
Billing - Fixed an issue that allowed Pro Services to be purchased with an invalid quantity.
Tenant Management - Fixed an issue that caused the switch from Premium to Standard seats to not update count of used standard seats
Policy Manager - When upgrading to Enhanced Policy - Both Allow and Deny ip range produce same 'allow' state.
License Manager - Fixed an issue that prevented seat licenses to change from Standard to Premium when upgrading plans.
Other - Production performance issue



Authenticator -Submitted a new build of the iOS authenticator to the App store.
Tenant Management - Fixed an issue that caused performance degradation when doing large AD syncs.

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