Release Notes - IAM - Version AAoD 2017E

The following items were fixed or improved.

In some cases you might not see the impact of the various fixes, performance improvements and enhancements unless you clear your browsing history. Please clear your cache if you are not seeing an expected improvement.


  • Directory Manager - Fixed support for Safari browser. 
  • Auth Manager - Sign in method “AD Password” is tracked as local in the Auth Logs. 
  • Password Policy Save - button not disabled when fields empty/invalid. 
  • Directory Manager - Lock out until value not being honored in password policy. 
  • Directory Manager -  Implemented a patch for the DirSync memory leak issue. 
  • Directory Manager - Password reset email – Entering the current password fails on error and leaves the user in a stuck state. User has to restart from email. 
  • Licensing Manager - License pool does not self-adjust when changing seat values across Orgs. 
  • Auth Manager - Web and API mage upload non-functional. 
  • Authenticator - Windows 10 Authenticator enrollment not working in IE/Edge for onboarding. 
  • SSO Manager - SP-Init redirect not functioning with LogicMonitor. 
  • Directory Manager - Users unable to complete the onboarding process when using IE/Edge. 
  • Directory Manager - Fixed an issue that allowed Sub-Org Admins to have access to the License Allocation screen and the ability to reallocate licenses for other sub-orgs. 
  • Directory Sync - Application error and blank OU page on completion of agent installation. 
  • Authenticator - Windows 10 authenticator failing to register on Firefox. 


  • Directory Sync - Made improvements to how MSI upgrades are handled. 

New Features

  • Auth Manager Added support for MFA-only authentication for agents.
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