Release Notes - IAM - Version AAoD 2017H

The following items were fixed or improved.

In some cases you might not see the impact of the various fixes, performance improvements and enhancements unless you clear your browsing history. Please clear your cache if you are not seeing an expected improvement.



  • License Manager - License Summary now includes Allocation & Licensed seats
  • Windows Credential Provider - Added password policy to Win Logon Agent when configuring override password


New Feature

  • Directory Manager - Added Just in Time (JIT) MFA for users
  • Auth Manager - Added ability to force the expiration of a JIT MFA reservation, in case someone else needs to do a reservation.
  • Directory Manager - Added ability to login to a shared account using MFA token.
  • Directory Manager- Added ability for users to revoke reservations that were recently created.
  • Auth Manager - Added auditing to record every time someone causes a reservation event to occur for JIT MFA.
  • Authenticator - Added Yubikey support for MFA


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