Adding MFA to Virtual System Administrator (VSA) ver. R7, R8 & R9

Note: This integration does not support the use of Push. You will need to use OTP.

Virtual System Administrator R7.0 /  R8 / R9

  1. Download the Kaseya Logon Agent to the Kaseya web server.
  2. Extract the ZIP file.
  3. Open the SQL query “AuthAnvilLogonAgent.sql” in SQL Management studio and connect to your Kaseya SQL instance. You may want to copy the SQL script to your SQL server to run it locally.
  4. Modify the script values (@sasURL, @siteID, @UserWhiteList, and @DisableFALogon) to match your AuthAnvil environment and preferred whitelist settings.
    Note: Your SAS URL will be your tenant URL/AuthAnvil/SAS.asmx
    Note: Your Site ID will always be 1.
  5. Execute the SQL query to create 3 AuthAnvil database tables (AA_Settings, AA_ExtendedSettings, AA_LoginLog).
  6. Copy the file kaddon_authanvil.xml from the extracted folder to the ‘\Kaseya\WebPages\install‘ folder.


Note: As of Virtual System Administrator v7 the AuthAnvil FMA prompt will not be displayed until the user has entered their Username and Password.

Note: As of Virtual System Administrator r8 patch 12 / r7 patch 25 .NET v4.5.2 or newer is required to be installed on the Virtual System Administrator server. 

Note: The User and IP whitelist are limited to 250 characters.

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