Release Notes - IAM - Version AAoD 7B-16

The following items were fixed or improved.

  • Getting Started - End user is able to access getting started page via URL.
  • Welcome emails being blocked by large providers like Microsoft.
  • DirSync keeps adding itself.
  • DirSync install/deploy authentication navigates into AAoD rather than close and continue.
  • Profile Button does not work, should open up menu on click.
  • Profile - Profile menu no longer shows up in mobile view.
  • SMS Reset Token Still Takes User to Push Screen even after reset.
  • Windows Universal Desktop Push.
  • Provisioning Policy - Default policy - onboarding email checkbox IS checked.
  • Update Revoke Token to Mimic Revoke Token on user-edit page.
  • Improve SSO Extension for Workflow Launch.
  • Additional UI for Workflow work.
  • SSO Workflow Launch Feedback incorporation.
  • SPIKE - Password Management Design.
  • Launch Workflow Application - Web Auth.
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