Release Notes - IAM - Version AAoD 9A

The following items were fixed or improved.


  • Directory ManagerFixed an issue where the group member count was not accurate when adding a group with more than 1 user only.
  • Directory ManagerResolved an issue where the DirSync Wizard blocked the agent download when it detected a Mac OS.
  • Auth Manager-  Auth Logs Sign in Method 'AD Password' has been fixed so it doesn’t show only as a local password.
  • Directory Sync - OU Filtering – Fixed an issue that blocked OU filtering after the initial sync.
  • Auth manager - Fixed an issue where changing a user’s password had stricter requirements than creating a new user. There is now a consistent requirement across all password change components.
  • Device Trust - Hovering over trusted devices now shows the friendly name.
  • Auth Manager - Refresh token session time expiry now forces a sign out.



  • Provisioning  PolicyUsers must complete the required Provisioning policy to show as being Active.



  • Directory ManagerAdded ability to apply a deep filter to OUs when configuring directory synchronisation.


New Features

Authentication Policies - Added ability to set session lifetimes and allow the session to be cleared when the browser is closed.
Authentication Policies - Add ability to clear token on session close.

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