Release Notes - IAM - Version AAoD 8B

The following items were fixed or improved.


  • Organisations - Removes the ability for an Non-default org admin to archive an org while signed into the org.
  • Directory ManagerFixed an issue where the Admin in non-default org could navigate to DirSync but AddFab button was missing.
  • Provisioning PolicyResolved an issue where the full onboarding policy was not showing in the users account when the Edit option was selected.
  • Org Branding - Fixed an issue where emails to new users in a sub-organisation were not showing the correct branding image.
  • Directory ManagerRemoved the ability for users to disable their own accounts.
  • Directory ManagerEliminated an issue whereby a CSV Import parse failure didn’t show as an error on screen.
  • SSO ManagerFixed an issue where Apps remained in a user’s Launchpad AFTER deletion of App from SSO Manager by Admin.
  • Getting StartedEliminated an issue in which the second step in the Getting Started guide was already marked complete on a new tenant without any apps.
  • License Manager - Fixed an issue in which adding seats to an organisation and then reducing the count to 0 caused an application error.
  • SSO ManagerResolved an issue where the “Last Launched” date was not being tracked for web workflow.
  • Directory ManagerFixed an issue in which the SMS number entry was non-functional on IE 11.
  • SSO ManagerFixed an issue where the Edit user option was returning an 'invalid request' response.
  • Getting StartedUpdated a link in the Getting Started menu that was referencing an incorrect default name.



  • Provisioning PolicyEliminated the ability for users to be marked as Active even though they have not followed the Provisioning or On boarding Policy.



  • Directory ManagerAdded SyncSource property to attributes.


New Features

  • SSO ManagerEvent Signaling Model for IE SSO Assistant allows the page to render on its own, then signal the SSO Assistant
  • SSO Manager - Automatically executes the Workflow after a redirect.
  • Device TrustAdded the capability for users with a trusted device to login without needing a second factor.
  • Device Trust - Provides a list of trusted devices in the user’s profile.
  • Device Trust - Allows Administrators to manage trusted devices at the user level.
  • Device Trust - Allow Administrators to revoke a trusted device from a given user’s profile.
  • Device TrustAdded functionality that allows Administrators to manage Auth Policies for Device Trust Settings.
  • RADIUS Agents - Added the ability to use multiple regular expressions to do complex parsing of usernames in the RADIUS agent.
  • SSO ManagerAdded the ability for Administrators to submit URL’s to AuthAnvil so they can be automatically turned into workflows and added to the catalogue library.
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