Release Notes - IAM - Version AAoD 9B

The following items were fixed or improved.



  1. SSO Catalog & Library - Fixed a bug where signed SAMLRequests were validated against an unknown certificate causing an error to be raised blocking the federation attempt.
  2. Directory Sync - Fixed an issue that blocked users without a license being added to Groups during initial sync.
  3. SSO Manager - Fixed an issue in which Office 365 app launches were not being recorded in the Auth logs.
  4. Directory Manager - Getting Started: Set up your first SSO Application is now checked as complete once app set up is complete.
  5. End-User Onboarding - Verified that onboarding policy is being enforced for Local and DirSync users.
  6. Device Trust - Fixed an issue where disabling trusted device in policy causes MFA to be non-functional.
  7. SSO Catalog & Library - Fixed an issue where scrolling the workflow catalog only loads one extra page, then halts.
  8. AAOD - Fixed an issue with IE 11 that hid the field to enter a mobile phone number for SMS reset.
  9. Authenticator - Fixed an issue that caused the authenticator app to crash upon loading the camera for iOS10.
  10. Authentication Policies - Enabled the ability to edit the Default Authentication policy with a Standard License.
  11. Auth Manager - Fixed an issue that prevented the Allowed methods Auth Policy checkboxes to persist after a Save.
  12. Profile Management - Fixed an issue that caused SMS Resets to fail for synced users.
  13. Device Trust - Fixed a broken image on the trusted device message and email.
  14. Directory Sync - Fixed an issue that prevented 1000+ OUs in DirSync from being synced.
  15. SSO Manager - Fixed an issue with the URL validation logic.
  16. Authenticator - Fixed an iOS Push notification issue.
  17. Device Trust - Updated the links in the Device Trust email so they are easier to read.
  18. Directory Sync - Fixed an issue that caused Groups to be duplicated during initial sync.
  19. Directory Sync - Fixed an issue that prevented Group membership from being honored during initial sync.
  20. Device Trust - Fixed an issue that caused the same device to be trusted multiple times.
  21. Directory Manager - Fixed an issue that caused the Sign In button to either disappear or jump around when clicking between the username and password field.



New Features

  1. Auth Engine - Added advanced authentication policy management capabilities that allow organizations to use multi-layered criteria to determine user access:
    Examples include:
    User attributes such as title, department, office location and role
    Geographical location – Country, City, State/Prov, Zip/Area code
    Day of the week
    Time of day
    All of the attributes can be managed using simple to complex IF/AND/OR/THEN logic.
  2. Web Workflows - Customers can now create their own web workflows using our new FastPass tool. Approved workflows will be added to the SSO catalogue.
  3. Monthly Credit Card Billing - Added new functionality that allows Evaluation customers to purchase AuthAnvil on Demand and set up monthly billing in product. Customers can select the Plan and seats required at the time of purchase.
  4. Auth Engine - New Alert Center Notification provides customers with important information and alerts in product.


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