Release Notes - IAM - Version AAoD 10A

The following items were fixed or improved.


  • Authenticator - Fixed an issue with AVG that caused it to detect the AuthAnvil On Demand authenticator as malware.
  • User Onboarding - Fixed an issue that caused the email received time to be inaccurate for Microsoft email accounts.
  • Tenant Management - Tenant License expiry not honored for first time sign in during on-boarding.
  • Trusted Devices - Account showing as link (to same page)
  • Billing - Fixed various issues impacting the Billing module.
  • Auth Manager - Fixed an issue causing the policy dropdown to automatically use the default policy.
  • Auth Manager - Fixed an issue in the Auth Logs that caused MFA Push to show as MFA OTP.
  • Authentication Policies - Fixed an issue that caused duplicates in the Organization Policy drop-down menu.
  • Authentication Policies - Fixed an issue in the Default Auth Policy that caused an unchecked 'allow devices to be trusted' to not persist after Save.
  • Authentication Policies - Fixed an issue that caused a new policy or update to create duplicates on save.
  • Authentication Policies - Sign in time does not clear.
  • Authentication Policies - Sign in IP locks user out.
  • Authentication Policies - Location MFA restriction locks out users.
  • SSO Manager - SAMLX upload doesn't handle missing attributes not supplied by the recorder.



  • Tenant Management - Show AOR in Tenant Details view in System Manager.
  • Authenticator -  Update remote notifications support for iOS 10.


New Features

  • SSO Manager - Added User-facing workflow failure button, to flag for future verification.
  • SSO Manager - SAMLX Upload for Workflow Requests


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