Release Notes - IAM - Version AAoD 11A

The following items were fixed or improved.


  • Directory Manager - Fixed an issue causing the Gravatar to not show in all areas
  • SSO Workflows - Azure redirect did not take the user to the proper sign in page.
  • Auth Manager - Default Auth Policy - uncheck 'allow devices to be trusted' did not persist after save.
  • Auth Manager - Require MFA - checkboxes not displayed on Save has been fixed.
  • Auth Manager - New Policy name defaults to last added
  • SSO Manager - SAML SP-Init does not save audience uri on 'Add Application'
  • SSO Manager - Fixed an issue that allowed users to delete Office 365 App without disconnecting the account first.
  • Directory Manager - Text on MFA Set Up for Windows 10 is now properly centered.
  • Directory Manager - Save button not disabled when fields empty/invalid
  • License Manager - Billing Email - username duplication when missing a last name
  • Directory Sync - Lack of license prevents activation of user but has no error message.
  • Directory Sync - Left over users after agent deletion remain in synced state.
  • Directory Sync - Password Reset Beta - Failure to reset AD password via AAOD.
  • Authenticator - Desktop Authenticator not auto populating when using IE or Edge



  • Agents - Set MSI version to EXE version for agents.
  • SSO Catalog & Library - Web Workflow Catalog Update.
    Bamboo HR, Jira, and Maxwell Health were added.
    Asana, DocuSign and Wordpress were updated.


New Features

  • Directory Sync - Detect sync'ed users moving into unsync'ed OUs
  • Directory Manager - Extended DirSync agent to handle updating passwords in AD
  • Directory Manager - Add Queue for password-change notifications within AuthAnvil so it can be sent to DirSync.
  • Directory Manager - Sync and enforce AD password policy.
  • Directory Manager
  • A user prompt has been added to change the password when it expires.
  • Directory Manager - Allow for Manual Expiration of Passwords
  • Authentication Policies - App Launch triggers a policy evaluation against the saved policy.
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