Release Notes - IAM - Version AAoD 11B & 12A

The following items were fixed or improved.



  • Directory Manager - Replace mid-panel spinners and place them over Save buttons.
  • Billing - Billing System – Hide back button on Products page on initial purchase.
  • Billing - Billing System – Allocation counts broken when purchasing new license and swapping Standard for Premium.
  • SSO Manager - App Launch -Not installed page does not render correctly.
  • Directory Manager - Save fails after altering Minimum Age field.
  • Directory Manager - Realigned text on MFA set up for Windows 10.
  • SSO Manager -url data misaligned or covered in the workflow catalog.
  • SSO Manager - Blank total record in the workflow catalog.
  • SSO Manager - Record totals do not match tenant home realm count.
  • Directory Manager - Password length requirement not honored in email reset.
  • SSO Manager - Unable to add Web Workflow due to long url.
  • Directory Sync - Password Policy Beta – Org Policy over-rides AD policy.
  • Directory Sync - Reset via SMS lacks spinner or progress bar
  • Authentication Policies - Auth policies not always saving correctly on new apps
  • Password Manager - AD Password Policy Beta – Complexity shows a “no” but AD has complexity enabled.
  • Password Manager - SMS without email fails to load onboard reset option.
  • Billing - Billing module requires a minimum of 10 Premium seats for all purchases.
  • General - Serialization issue for Dates in different regional formats.
  • Auth Manager - App launch changes break IE11 sign in.
  • Agents - RADIUS long password auth fails.
  • Licensing Manager - License allocation page – Fix max seats for Organization.
  • Billing -Products iframe does not load any information.
  • Directory Manager - IE 11 and Edge Provisioning Policies not functioning.
  • General - WSFed not launching because Policy never returns permitted.
  • SSO Manager - App Launch Policy – Out of scope cases – Blank and/or Application Error on Policy Deny.
  • Auth Manager - RADIUS - Advanced parser failing.
  • Billing - Minimum license purchase should be equal to the number of Allocated Licenses no Active.



  • Authentication Policies - Update login pages for conditional text for app launch authorization
  • SSO Manager - Verified Dropbox SSO.



  • Billing - Added the ability to order Professional Services to the Billing module.


New Features

  • Authentication Policies - App launch honoring Auth Policy – Redirect, Authorization and Return. If policy eval fails for an app launch, it is sent to login and prompts the user for the needed factor - typically, a form of MFA they didn't need on sign in.
  • SSO Manager - Added Zuora, Docusign and Egnyte to the SSO catalog.




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