Release Notes - IAM - Version AAoD-

The current release of AuthAnvil on-Demand features strategic re-architecting of the Directory Synchronization functionality. Customers who use AuthAnvil on-Demand in tandem with Windows Active Directory will see marked performance improvements in both initial on-boarding from AD to AAoD as well as update events.

In addition, the current release contains significant architecture changes to address server outages and slowdowns.

Starting in this release, AuthAnvil moves to a numbered release system ( rather than a month and year designation.

The following new features and bug fixes are part of release



  • [IAMV-5968] - As an MSP with multiple end-user customers, I need my techs to be able to use JIT authentication for more than one customer so that they can easily authenticate users at more than one customer site without burning additional AuthAnvil licenses
  • [IAMV-6491] - As an MSP using directory sync on Windows Servers, I need to support directory synchronisation on 2008 R2 systems so that my end-user customers who use these systems are supported.


  • [IAMV-2494] - Add Radius client IP to authentication request
  • [IAMV-6209] - Add ability to edit group/role membership and view application access from within user edit screen
  • [IAMV-6529] - Add Version number on Sign-in page
  • [IAMV-5612] - Tenant Notification Emails - Add intended tenant target details in email body.

Bug Fixes

  • [IAMV-4642] - Reset password error message does not show fully on-screen
  • [IAMV-4771] - Add the ability for users to launch the on-boarding email from their email client
  • [IAMV-4957] - Tablet and Phone form factor shows white space gap at the bottom of screen
  • [IAMV-5485] - Bulk user import fails
  • [IAMV-5557] - Windows Logon Agent has no functionality for setting "HideRemoteSessions" value.
  • [IAMV-5682] - Push authorisation not being registered by AAoD unless request is approved with phone unlocked.
  • [IAMV-5724] - Add User to Group - Search only work for displayname NOT full usersname or email
  • [IAMV-5748] - Add New Application: No notification or error when attempting to add the same application twice.
  • [IAMV-5877] - Directory Management - Users - Uploading CSV file doesn't work on FireFox
  • [IAMV-5913] - Importing a csv file with no headers shows no warning or explanation why no users were imported
  • [IAMV-5983] - Policy - User in standard licensed org can no longer Edit policy
  • [IAMV-5992] - Navigating AAoD on my iPhone, there is no sign out button.
  • [IAMV-5999] - Directory Sync - Require password change on first sign in in AD cannot succeed with Two way Sync not enabled in AAoD
  • [IAMV-6031] - Policy Manager - Groups dropdown UI
  • [IAMV-6042] - Auth Policy - Multiple duplicates created on any extra save of new Auth Policies
  • [IAMV-6094] - DirSyncAgent LogLevel appears to effect agent's ability to sync to AAoD.
  • [IAMV-6144] - Navigating AAoD on my iPhone, SSO Manager does not render, and I can't see the menu option for License Manager
  • [IAMV-6154] - Auth Manager -> API Explorer header doesn't change when the page is navigated to.
  • [IAMV-6160] - Tenants - Tenant creation failure message misspelled
  • [IAMV-6161] - AAoD doesn't respect the "Delay" element in a workflow
  • [IAMV-6174] - Provisioning Policies - Policy should be shared from default org & org drop-down removed from Prov page
  • [IAMV-6196] - iOS - Approve PUSH from OTP view
  • [IAMV-6210] - Prov Policies - Policies should be shared at tenant level.
  • [IAMV-6224] - Dirsync cannot be installed on Windows 2008 R2 - Premature error
  • [IAMV-6225] - Directory Sync Agent Needs Error if MSI not opened as admin
  • [IAMV-6239] - Users - Role/Group Edit - does not account for default Org users ability to be in child org roles/groups
  • [IAMV-6240] - Onboarding Emails - Outlook rendering hides link
  • [IAMV-6247] - Directory Sync Agent: OUs not actually showing what is selected
  • [IAMV-6287] - Directory Manager - Group/Roles add via user page - Both Groups/Roles from deleted orgs show in list of available groups
  • [IAMV-6289] - Directory Manager - Users - Expiring password 'last changed' value is static
  • [IAMV-6366] - UI issue: Policy replaces sign-in IP setting with internal IP
  • [IAMV-6367] - Policy's 'Set session lifetimes' setting not being respected
  • [IAMV-6371] - Softtoken OTP doesn't display in Authenticator
  •  [IAMV-6397] - Directory Sync Agent has crash issue when getting information from RPC.
  • [IAMV-6466] - Auth logs for a forced password reset/expiration shows as 'onboarding email' sign in method type
  • [IAMV-6511] - Directory Sync - Server version reporting
  • [IAMV-6542] - Track and resolve DirSync agent full sync issue
  • [IAMV-7285] - Dirsync not syncing user's passwords.
  • [IAMV-7313] - Two-way Dirsync sets "password must be changed" flag.
  • [IAMV-7325] - Directory Exception - policy/group already exists


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